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Franchise Partnership

Welcome to Mr. Giggles Bouncing Castles
Franchise Partnership Opportunity
Mr Giggles has a great franchise opportunity without all of the rules and regulations of traditional franchise contracts. It is our foremost desire to see your company grow in inventory and revenue. This is why you will find our franchise partnership to be the best opportunity for your investment.

Listed below are just a few of the many benefits of enrolling in our franchise partnership.

No Profit Sharing - That's right we never ask you for a share of your hard earned revenue. Our franchise partnership is a exclusive purchasing agreement only. After you invest in your inventory, all the profits are yours to keep.

Media Package - We will cover the first tier of all of your advertising in order to promote your new rental operation. This will include your choice of television or radio spots, and a direct mail out in your targeted market. The Partnership will also include a free website fully optimized to saturate your local market. Please call for details.

Peak Season Inventory Loans - Here is one of the best features of our franchise Partnership opportunity: Peak Season Inventory Loans. During peak season, or over booked weekends you can request additional inventory from our warehouse  to meet your demand. Mr. Giggles inventory loans is an industry first and will only add to your bottom line. Please call for details.

On Site Training - You are never alone. On your opening weekend, or the weekend prior to, we will be there. We will provide on site training for your delivery crew, assist you with deliveries if needed, provide organizational development for your front office, and survey your market for additional sales opportunities. Our on site training team will arrive on Friday and work with your team until Sunday.

Equipment Trade In Program -  Every four years you will have the opportunity to trade in your older units in your inventory towards the purchase of new units. You are what you inflate, and this program will keep your inventory in tip top condition. Please call for details.
What is included in the Franchise Partnership?
13  Bouncers
2   Combo 2in1
5   Waterslides
1   Cotton Candy Machine
1   Hand truck Dolly
    On site training (one weekend)
   Month of television & radio__________
22 Units

Total cost of Franchise  Partnership

Sales Projections
Listed below are sales projections based on the above inventory, but only booked out one day per week. These projections are based on an average bouncer rental $130, and an average Waterslide rental $250.

Bouncers Monthly Total
Waterslides Monthly Total
12,800 Per Month only booking one day per week.

Projected time frame it should take in order to recoup investment.
12 - 18 weeks

Please note the above projections are based on minimum and not maximum projections. Individual results may vary. Please call for details.
If  You  Inflate  It,  They  Will  Come!